Wish We Were There Wednesday: Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrise over Lake Mackenzie, Texas

Who doesn’t love the breathtaking beauty of a pretty sunrise or sunset. We sure love them – that’s why our signature photo on this site is a sunset. We’ve shot most of ours in Texas, mainly from our own yard or neighborhood, but we’ve been lucky enough to shoot some in a few other places, too. It’s just about being in the right place at the right time and making ourselves get up early enough to catch the sunrise. All of these are aim and shoot shots, no filters or enhancements were used, and some were taken with our phones. We hope these brighten your day!

Bar Harbor, Maine sunrise
Winter sunset from our front yard.
Sunrise shot from our street
We’ve posted this Sedona, Arizona sunset before, but it’s so beautiful we wanted to include it again.
West Texas sunrise. Had to sign this one because it’s so pretty.
Sunset shot near Amarillo, Texas
Taken from the window of a plane, we captured this between-the-clouds sunrise somewhere over Mississippi.
Sunset before a storm – our front yard.
Fall sunrise taken about a mile from our house
Another beautiful Texas sunset shot from Decatur, Texas
Sunrise near Saguache, Colorado

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Happy hump day, everyone!

Mike and Kellye


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