Here in the “almost desert”, we get pretty excited when we are treated to any kind of precipitation. Here is what’s happening in our neighborhood today:

Living in a snow globe.

This is the red oak tree just outside of our front window:

So pretty…

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Mike and Kellye


35 thoughts on “Precipitation

  1. Oh wow Kellye, those are some amazing winter scenes. What lovely sights from your windows, I assume you are cosy and warm inside? We have just landed on the Greek island of Naxos, which will be our home for the next three months. Daily temps are around 13 degrees, though we are based in a mountain village in the centre of the island, so evenings are actually pretty chilly. Take care and say hi to Mike.

    1. Leighton, I only appreciate snow when I can stay inside and look out at it. It will be gone by tomorrow. So glad you are at your next destination safe and sound. Stay warm and safe. I will be looking forward to hearing about Naxos. Hugs to you and Sladja!

      1. Ah that’s great that you’ve been here Lyssy! We’ll be here for 3 months, the first 6 weeks of which we’re based in a small mountain village called Moni in the centre of the island.

  2. Looks like a winter wonderland Kellye. We have not had any significant snowfall here since just before Christmas, which is highly unusual. We are now at the end of our January Thaw (temps of +8, +3 and +5 C for past three days) and will soon be back in the deep freeze, with day time highs of -14C and below. Yay?? Have a great Wednesday. Allan

  3. Beautiful images, and I shall live vicariously through them, Kellye. All rain once again here and as I often note, if the snow doesn’t come for Christmas and New Year I’m quite ok with it. We had our first snow flurry two days ago, and while we have had rare occasions when we’re this deep into the season without measurable snow, waiting for flurries this long is really weird. Enjoy!

  4. My gosh, how beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 We are in shock here that we’ve only had a dusting, we usually get much more. I’m a huge snow lover, I adore it. These pictures made me happy!

  5. Those who live in wet places want only to see the sun. But those in dry climates want the rain. That snowfall loos beautiful. Happy Monday Kellye. Allan

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