Quick Stops, New England

Walker’s Point, Kennebunkport, Maine. This home served as the Summer White House of President George H. W. Bush. The land upon which it sits has been owned by various members of the Bush family since the late 19th century.

If you follow our posts, you’re already familiar with Quick Stops. Quick Stops are designed to give a nod to locations to which we can’t devote an entire post. The destinations are completely random and totally fun.

Just get in the car and we will be on our way!

First stop: Nubble Light


Where in the world is it?

It is in York, Maine. Officially named Cape Neddick Light Station, construction was completed in 1879. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

The rough sea crashes against the rocks near Nubble Light

Second stop: Quechee, Vermont

The Quechee Church, built in the late 1800s.

Where in the world is it?

Quechee is an unincorporated village in the city of Hartford, Vermont that sits along the banks of of the Ottauquechee River.


The Quechee Bridge, originally built in 1970, was restored after being damaged by flooding due to Hurricane Irene in 2011. Even though it isn’t very old, we think it is pretty. Below is a view of the Ottauquechee River and beautiful Vermont countryside as seen from the bridge.


It’s a fact, Jack!

A photograph of the Nubble Lighthouse, which is considered to be a classic example of an American lighthouse, is said to be included in the collection of photographs on the golden records aboard the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts. The golden records, which depict life and science on earth, were placed on the Voyagers in the event the spacecrafts fell into the hands of intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe. The Nubble Light image keeps company with images of other landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, among others. Additional items included on the golden records are depictions of family units, athletes, and various cultures and races, as well as natural sounds from earth, such as thunder, animal sounds, and human laughter. And, now you know…

Until the next trip…

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Mike and Kellye


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