Beautiful Plants and Flowers of New England

Bee on garlic chive flowers

As we traveled through Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, we found beautiful plants and flowers at every turn. Most of the flora we encountered was trees, which are sparse in our part of West Texas, so we were enchanted by the sheer numbers of them. What was interesting to us was not only the countless trees, but the variety of trees we saw everywhere we went. Oh, and the flowers were spectacular! Now, because of so much “pretty”, we have created a post showcasing another part of the beauty of New England to share with you. We hope you enjoy…

IMG_7449 (1)
Water lilies on a pond at Acadia
Beach roses

Some of the plants that we’re showcasing were growing wild and some were in gardens. We have been able to identify a lot of them, but some of them remain nameless. If any of you can tell us what the UFO’s (Unidentified Flowering Objects) are, please leave the answer in the comments section below.

IMG_7195 (1)
Can anyone identify this gorgeous plant?
We found ferns everywhere we looked
Mountain Ash. The clusters of lipstick red berries made them hard to miss.
Does anyone know what this pink plant is called?
This majestic tree is on the grounds of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, near the visitor center.
Sunflower in a garden in New Hampshire
IMG_7046 (1)
IMG_7354 (1)
Pink Viburnum
IMG_7779 (1)
Velvety mosses carpet the forest floor
We had to include this hot pink zinnia that we found growing near the Vermont State House
Staghorn Sumac
IMG_7756 (1)
We aren’t sure what kind of tree this is (birch, maybe?), but we thought it was interesting.
IMG_7187 (1)
We are tempted to call these sedum, but we’re not sure. Can someone confirm?
Stunning dahlias found in a garden in Bar Harbor
More dahlias. Breathtaking!

Okay, one more dahlia, and then we’re going to call this post finished. (It’s so beautiful we couldn’t leave it out!)

IMG_7469 (1)

Thank you for letting us share the beauty of New England’s plants and flowers with you. We hope you enjoyed this excursion through the flora! Please come back to our site often for more pretty pictures, exciting road trip destinations, and lots of other great stuff. We really appreciate your “likes” and comments. If you are not a follower, become one so you never miss a post.

We are going to close this post with hydrangeas. We saw them everywhere we went, and they were exquisite. See for yourself…

We got caught by the homeowner when we were taking this photo, but his hydrangeas were way too pretty to pass up. When we told him what we were doing, he just smiled and waved. We have a feeling that we probably weren’t the first people to stop by this house for a picture.
These hydrangeas were in front of the New Hampshire State House.

Until the next trip…

Travel safe, travel smart, and we will see you down the road!

Mike and Kellye


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